An Instant Electric Shower Provides The Following Benefits:

1.A Hot Shower When  You Need It

2.Use The Exact Amount of Hot Water For Your Showering Requirements

3.Ease of Installation

Did You Know

That by Upgrading Your Hot Water Cylinder to A Modern Factory Insulated Cylinder and By Installing An Immersion Timer You Can Dramatically Reduce your Water Heating Energy Costs.


For as little as 


per Radiator We Can Install Energy Saving TRV's


Radiator Valves.

Apartment Pump Services.  

We provide a repair or replacement service for a wide range of apartment booster pumps.  Positive/ Negative Head Single or Twin Impeller Pumps.Brass Bodied Negative Head Pumps must always be used where the water storage is self contained within the apartment..They must be isoladed with ball lever valves and labelled.

Range Of Instant 

Showers and Over Bath Booster Pumps

We Provide a Complete Shower Installation Service.

We provide a free, no obligation site survey to determine your Showering      requirements.

Hot Water       Cylinder             Repairs.

Most modern day apartments use electricity for space and water heating.Water heating elements burn out in time and we provide an element replacement service.In some instances the complete cylinder may need to be replaced.


Complete Bathroom Make Over Service


Share The  Bathroom  of Your Dreams With Us And We'll Make Your Dream A Reality:



We offer the full range of services;Plumbing , Carpentry,  Plastering , Tiling